Monday, May 31, 2010

Soccer Stud

Here is our little soccer star who is so excited about the World Cup. Poppi and GiGi bought him a small soccer ball and his very first uniform, so he had to show it off for us. Micah wants to wear it daily-literally! Ha. He looks like such a big boy in this outfit and is extremely proud of it because it shares the same number (#10) that his favorite soccer players, Rooney and Messi, wear. Living in Kenya and Jordan has definitely allowed Micah to learn more about soccer at this age than he ever would have known living in America. He has pretty good soccer skills too :)

I LOVE this-his face is too sweet!


Paul said...

Hey there!

jrrainer said...

Oh my word he is so cute in that uniform!!

Blair said...

Too cute! Yay for Messi, Rooney, and Micah-man. What a fun way to celebrate the World Cup :)