Saturday, May 22, 2010

Micah's friend, Yassan

Our neighbors came recently came over to meet our newest addition. We have developed a really good relationship with this family and they have become our good friends. I often go visit the wife/mom and have tea while Micah plays with their youngest son, Yassan. To say Micah LOVES Yassan, is an understatement. He literally cries when he cannot play with him or when he has to stop playing with him. Yassan is about 4 years older than Micah, and much more advanced, but for the most part he is pretty good with Micah. We love the area we live in and are thankful for the relationships we have been able to build with our neighbors.
Micah and Yassan

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Blair said...

So glad little Micah has a friend! Give me hugs and kisses for me.