Saturday, May 29, 2010

Children's Museum

We had heard from many people how great the Children's Museum is here, but had yet to go ourselves. We decided it would be a fun thing for Micah to do with my parents and post-baby, and we were not disappointed. It probably was a bit of overstimulation for a two year old, but he enjoyed running around and trying the different stations out. It was interesting for the adults and we all left more knowledgeable. :)
Our family's handprints-Paul, Kari, Micah, Jordan
Wheelchair race-this was soooo hard!
The new weatherman-he wouldn't leave this station as he loved watching himself on TV.
A few schools were there on field trips and they came running into the sand where Micah was playing. It overwhelmed him just a little as they all took his toys away from him. Ha.
Our pilot.

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Blair said...

Micah would be a great weather man! And that's the one stable job regardless of how many times you are incorrect about the weather prediction. Anything is better than the ones here who are never right.