Sunday, May 23, 2010

Poppi and GiGi Come to Visit

My parents have arrived and we sure have loved having them here. There is just nothing quite like having your parents around. They have been a huge help with our little ones and have truly been an absolute blessing. I couldn't wait for them to meet Jordan and to see how much Micah had changed. Micah also was anxiously awaiting their arrival and couldn't wait to play with them. Every time a car pulled up he excitedly ask, "Is that Poppi?" It was precious. Poppi and GiGi have served us, loved us, and spoiled us. I personally am incredibly thankful for all the help with Jordan as my parents have taken care of her every night and only bring her to me when it is time to feed. They've also insisted on me taking a nap everyday (even when I don't want to! ha). I couldn't ask for better parents-they are the best!

Here are some pictures from the first few minutes at our house...Micah was already giving them a run for their money :)
I love this!

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Blair said...

So happy for your time with Poppi and Gigi. Looks like you're having the best time! Thanks for sharing all the cute pics.