Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Home, Sweet Home

Our hospital stay was great, but it is always nice to go home. We actually were unclear as to whether or not we were even discharged. We basically sat around waiting and waiting and finally had to ask the nurse what was going on. She told us we could leave whenever we wanted and that the doctor had cleared us. No one had ever said anything to us, so it was quite confusing. It also was extremely odd for me to just get up and WALK out of the hospital...no wheelchair, etc.

When we walked into our home, Jordan was immediately greeted by a big kiss from her big brother. We were glad to be home as a family and continually are thanking the Lord for giving us the blessing of being parents to two beautiful children.
We're home!!
A proud big brother...although Jordan isn't too sure of what is going on.
Our crazy 2 year old who now is obsessed with carseats.
Saying goodnight.

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Blair said...

I'm so happy to call those cute kiddos my niece and nephew. Hopefully Jordan is sleeping through the night better these days. And Micah is enjoying being a precious big brother. Love you!