Monday, April 26, 2010

No Fear

Our good friend and coworker, Katie, coaches for the Gymnastics Federation here in Jordan. Since Micah is obsessed with trampolines, she invited Micah to come play at her work and to jump on their trampoline. Micah had a blast! We knew he would enjoy jumping on the trampoline, but he also discovered a newfound love...running down a runway and jumping off a 2-3 ft ledge into a pit full of foam. We thought he would run up to the ledge and be too scared to jump off, but we completely underestimated our boy. He had no fear at all and jumped right in. This continued for at least a half and hour-he must have jumped in the pit over 50 times. He would have gone even longer if Paul and I hadn't intervened. Some of the little Arab gymnasts followed him around and jumped with him over and over and over. When we left, they told Katie, "That little boy has so much energy. He doesn't stop!" Yes, that is Micah for ya :) And we wouldn't trade his fun personality for anything.
We love Katie!
Here is a quick video of him jumping. This was probably the 20th time he had done it.

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Blair said...

Micah is truly fearless! What a great quality to have at such a young age. Your video and pics are too cute! Thanks for sharing your little guy jumping in over and over again. How fun!