Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mr. Literal

I am loving this stage in Micah's life. I guess we have really loved every stage, but he says and does come of the cutest things these days. The past few weeks we have really begun to see how literally he takes the words we say to him. Here are just two examples:

1. One day we asked Micah to bring us his diaper bag. Next thing we know, we have a bag full of Pampers diapers in front of us.

2. Paul was playing ball with Micah the other day and was trying to teach him how to catch a ball. Paul said, "put your hands out and keep your eye on the ball." Micah then proceeds to put the ball directly on his eye. :)

These pictures don't relate to this post, but I just thought I'd share them anyway. We have really enjoyed the warmer weather and have been taking advantage of playing outside!


Lauren Williams said...

so cute! i love it. Micah is such cutie!!! Im glad you had a good birthday. love you girl!

Blair said...

Glad Micah can bring so much humor and joy into your lives. He takes after his daddy, I'm sure. He really is the cutest kid. Can't wait to love on him in person...