Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bday Time

I had such a fun birthday this year. I really felt like a little kid again. First, we went bowling in the afternoon with some of our friends. I must admit that this was planned previously and just happened to fall on my birthday, but hey, I'll take it. :)

That night Paul and I got to go on a date for dinner and a movie. The movie was at the mall, so we had planned on eating at one of the nicer restaurants there. We walked by a few and they all were packed, but then I spotted a Chili's out of the corner of my eye. We don't go to this particular mall often, but neither one of us remembered there being a Chili's there before. We peeked in and noticed that it was practically empty, but we saw a bunch of workers standing around. We asked if they were open, and they told us that they had just opened a few hours ago as this was officially "training day". They proceeded to seat us and I jokingly asked, "So our meals our free, right?" To our surprise he responded, "Actually, yes. Everything on the menu is free tonight. Just be patient with our waiters." Umm...seriously!?! What a great birthday surprise!

Here are a few pictures from our bowling adventure earlier that day...

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Blair said...

How did Micah do bowling? Do they have bumper bowling? He looks pretty darn cute with his little shoes. What a great b-day!