Friday, April 16, 2010

Growing Up

Last year for Micah's 1st bday I posted a picture for every month of Micah's life. I wasn't planning on doing that again this year, but I couldn't resist. Mostly just because I enjoyed looking back and seeing how much he has grown up and reminiscing on where the Lord has taken us. It has been an adventure for sure that I wouldn't change for anything. I highly doubt that this month-by-month picture tradition will continue though seeing as our sweet little girl is due in less than 4 weeks...which means our lives are about to get crazy (a good crazy for sure!). Anyway, enjoy the pics our crazy little man.

12 mos
13 mos
14 mos
15 mos
16 mos
17 mos
18 mos
19 mos
20 mos
21 mos
22 mos
23 mos
24 mos


Drew and Lindsay said...

can not believe how much he has changed. looks like an entirely different child. can not wait to meet the new akin. Miss Jordan.

Blair said...

Micah gets cuter and cuter with time, which I didn't think was possible considering he's already so stinking precious. Love all the pics!