Saturday, April 10, 2010

1st Birthday

Recently we were invited over to our friend's house to celebrate their son's 1st birthday. Micah was excited to go see his friends, Ben and James, and to also get to eat some cake. :) We had a great afternoon celebrating along with some of their Arab friends too. The Arab tradition is to not open presents until everyone leaves, so we waited until they left for Ben to start opening his gifts. I think we made a good decision on waiting to open the gifts, because it allowed all of us "westerners" to get a good laugh at some of the gifts he received from the Arabs (example: two bunnies sitting on a heart shaped pillow!?!). There were plenty more me. It was a fun party and even a cultural experience in some ways.

My handsome boys :)

Ben, the adorable birthday boy

The Hawkin's...


...and Akin's :)

Mommies with our sweet boys.

More friends (and yes, that is my son with his arm launched back ready to kill someone)

12 months/pictures of Ben


Candace Smith said...

Kari, you look incredible! Hope you are feeling well these days! Love you!

jrrainer said...

I agree! Kari you look so beautiful!! You are one hot momma!!