Friday, April 23, 2010

Floor Problems

One day this past winter I was walking in our living room and completely tripped. For those of you that know me, that probably doesn't surprise you. :) However, I looked down and noticed that our floor tiles were coming up like a mountain. This eventually led to cracking, and then complete breakage from one wall to another. We showed our landlord the problem and he said they would fix it once it got warmer. So, we lived like this for months and poor Micah cut his foot pretty badly on the loose we finally moved a carpet over it.

A few weeks ago, they finally came to fix our floors. Unfortunately, they couldn't find the same exact tiles, so they ended up having to completely redo our entire living room and dining room areas. Not so fun as it was a complete mess and disaster in our house for 4 days. Plus, we had about 6 Arab men in our home all day long smoking. YUCK! I felt really uncomfortable at times as this is such a men's culture, but thankfully Paul was around. It did give me some good practice serving the "Arab" way...which is always on a tray and in glass-not plastic. I definitely lost some points though because I don't know the least thing about making Arab coffee or tea. Ha!

Our house was dusty, and I mean dusty, for days. We (well, I really should say Paul) must have swept and mopped about 5 times and there was still dust on the new floors. They look great now and we are thankful to have this finished before a newborn is in the house!

They stacked all our furniture on one side of the room while they worked on the other side. We also had to "live" on this side while they were working on the other side-rather difficult with a 2 year old explorer.
Almost done!

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Blair said...

Glad you finally have new floors! Andrew and I have a similar problem with our kitchen floor~ the wood is gradually rising. He jokes that our house is imploding! We will see if it gets worse; let's hope not, for my budget's sake.