Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Muzuri Monday Maddness

Every Monday the local movie theaters have a special, Muzuri Monday Madness, where you can get a coke, candy bar or hotdog, popcorn, and a movie all for 400 shillings (about $5). A great deal for sure! You definitely won't find that in the States.

This past Monday, a group of us decided to take advantage of this special and went to see The International with Clive Owen. Overall, the movie had its good and bad moments. The action and plot were pretty good, however, it was confusing at times and the ending was AWFUL! 

I love going to the movies here because it is the one place that reminds me of the States. For a few hours I get to forget that I live in Kenya! However, one big difference is that before the movie starts, they play the Kenyan national anthem. It caught us off guard the first few times, and we still find this rather comical. Reality also hits when the movie is over, the lights turn on, and we are the only white people in the theater! Ha!

On a fun note, before the movie started, I ran into a few of Laura Cherry's (one of my best friends from high school) friends from college-Karis, Abby, and ???.  They have lived here for awhile, and we have been trying to meet, but had not yet. So of all places, we see them at the movies! They came over to talk to one of the girls we were with and then we immediately recognized each other from facebook :) It was fun to finally meet one another and to have such a special friend as a common ground.

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