Saturday, March 14, 2009

An Early Celebration

Happy Early Birthday Micah-man! His 1st birthday is not until April, but since the Grandparents were in town, we decided to celebrate a little early. Watching Micah eat his cake was definitely entertaining to us all. Here are a few of my favorite pics of the "party"...

What a face :)

He has a strange obsession with his feet, especially when he eats, so it was no surprise that the cake ended up on them too!


Jess said...

So, Dr. Akin showed us the video of Micah eating the cake and acting like a "demon" child and it was the cutest thing ever!!! It was hilarious. I think I watched it like 10 times. Can't believe he is almost 1. I am sure you can't either. Love you!

Blair said...

Your child is an absolute doll! I love looking at his precious pictures and honeslty think he gets cuter by the day. I'm jealous of his huge b-day cake! Can we celebrate again when we come to visit? Can't wait!