Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Elephant Orphanage

This past weekend we took the Akin's to do some local "touristy" things that we had not done yet ourselves. We had a great day together and got some fun pictures. Here are a few pictures of our first stop at the Elephant Orphanage. 

This baby elephant was 2 months old. Isn't it adorable?
Me attempting to make Micah pet the baby elephant...I don't think Micah really knew what to think about this thing!

This is a baby rhino that is 6 weeks old. It is so ugly that I actually find it quite cute! Ha!

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Lauren Williams said...

Yall are so cute!!!!!!!!! i love your animal adventures! Kari, you are tooo brave with that giraffe. the elephants are so so cute! we miss you guys. Katelin is coming home for spring break so im getting excited. a last minute thing. love you