Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quick Visit...

...to see our precious Nana who is pretty sick herself. She lives in WV but is in the final stages of dementia, so we just had to go see her as we never know when might be our last visit. My parents, sister, Jordan and I drove up and back the same day, but it was so worth it. Paul stayed back in KY and watched Micah for me, which was a huge blessing-I'm not sure how he would have done.

I'm extremely thankful that we had a couple of great hours with Nana. You never know when she will sleep or be awake. Luckily she was wide awake when we got there and enjoyed looking at pictures and hearing stories from us. She understands everything, but cannot talk and that absolutely breaks my heart. It's hard to see someone you love so sick.
My crazy Mom decided to do a snow angel on their back porch.
Four generations. And excuse the little hands covering JK's face...someone was getting sleepy :)
Nana needed a nap, so we left her house and headed over to visit with my cousins, Aunt, and Uncle. We don't get to see each other as often as we'd like, so it's always great to catch up. It was well worth the day trip to drive to see family-I wish we could do it more often!

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Blair said...

Our time with Nana was much needed and a great memory we will always share. Mom's antics in the snow made the trip worth it for sure!