Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bath Time Giggles

Lately we have officially entered the stage where Jordan is absolutely mesmerized by her big brother. She simply adores him. Micah loves it as long as she isn't stealing his toys for the most part. He especially loves when he can get her to giggle over and over-which always happens when JK observes Micah's bath time. I love having two precious little ones and sure am thankful for those sweet giggles.
I totally forgot to post that Jordan is crawling EVERYWHERE! That started a few weeks before Thanksgiving and boy is she on the move!! This past week she started pulling up too...I'm in denial ;)


Facilitator said...

WOW! i cant believe she is doing all that! crazy.... your kids always do stuff early!!! but jk is so cute!! were comign to tn in april. april 2 to the next sat.....maybe we can make something happen.....??

Leslie and Thomas said...

Hi! I can't believe she's pulling up and crawling already! Love keeping up with you via your blog. :)