Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

There is something special about waking up on Christmas morning in the house you grew up in. I have so many wonderful memories in this house and some of my favorites are definitely Christmas memories. My sisters and I would all sleep in the same bed on Christmas Eve and stay up playing cards and other games until we they could finally go to sleep. As a child, I could NEVER sleep on Christmas Eve-it was seriously the longgggggest night ever for me...especially, watching my two sisters snoozing away next to me. I couldn't wait for them to wake up in the morning so we could play more games until our parents told us it was okay to come out of our rooms. Thankfully, I no longer have sleepless nights on Christmas Eve-I guess I'm getting old ;)

I was also excited to be home because this was the first actual Christmas morning that Paul had ever spent with my family. When we dated in high school and college, he always came over and spent Christmas afternoon with us. Since being married we've been in NC and overseas. So, this year I enjoyed allowing him to see some my family's Christmas traditions.

Of course we all were looking forward to seeing the kids reactions (mainly Micah's) Christmas morning, and they didn't let us down. They loved all their gifts and immediately played with everything. We had a wonderful morning day together as a family opening gifts and hanging out. Once again, we were thankful to have my Grandma, Aunt, Uncle and some of Paul's family join us that evening for dinner.



jrrainer said...

oh my word, that picture of Jordan with the presents is PRECIOUS and I just love my future husband Micah Man!! Jess was talking today about how cute Jordan is!


Blair said...

Definitely a great day! We loved having you all in town and enjoyed your kiddos' reactions to everything! You and Paul are precious to me and I am thankful for you!