Saturday, December 18, 2010


...came a little early at the Akin household. Since we headed to Kentucky for Christmas, we decided to open our gifts early so that the kids could enjoy their new toys before traveling. This is the first year that Micah definitely knows what is going on, so he couldn't wait to open his presents and his sister's. I absolutely love seeing the sweet expressions and excitement on his face when he opens a gift. Our little JK is as clueless as they come (and will be next year too). We will have to work on this whole sharing thing, because now that Jordan is crawling, she wants to touch EVERYTHING that Micah is playing with and his response is, "No Jor-dan. This is MINE!" But all of her new toys are totally fair game to him-oh what a sweet big brother he is :) Anyway, we did have wonderful day together as a family making new traditions and memories. I just love being a wife and mommy!

Micah LOVES to dress up. He is always acting like a superhero, so I wasn't surprised when he wanted to put this on as soon as he opened it!

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