Monday, December 20, 2010

Flyin' Solo

My sweet kiddos and I headed out to Louisville for Christmas a few days before Daddy because he still had to work. This meant, flying alone with my two little ones. Thankfully Southwest has a direct flight and it only is an hour flight. Can't beat that for sure! I did this for Thanksgiving too, and can I just say that I love all the looks I get in the airport that are just screaming "Lady, you're crazy traveling with two small children" or "Wow, I'm so glad that's not me." I must admit, if I hadn't lived overseas and endured many flights that were 8+ hours, I'd probably go crazy, but honestly, an hour flight seems like nothing. Micah loves to fly and is a pretty behaved two year old once in the air. My least favorite part is going through security while having to take Jordan out of the carrier for a brief moment and then attempt to get Micah's and my shoes back on and gather everything else...this makes the actually flight seem easy :)

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