Monday, June 7, 2010

Thanks DAD and MOM

What a tremendous blessing to have my parents here to help with our newborn (and our rambunctious toddler) for over 2 weeks. I miss them already. Ugh...I hate goodbyes. You'd think they'd get easier by now...but they don't. And sending my parents off again was no different. However, we will be reunited again in the USA in about 7 weeks. YAY!

Thanks Dad and Mom for:
-changing numerous diapers
-getting the kids dressed and undressed
-sacrificing sleep as you took care of Jordan at night
-playing with Micah
-bathing Micah and Jordan
-feeding all of us
-cleaning our house
-washing dishes
-doing laundry and hanging clothes (your favorite, I know)
-making me take a daily afternoon nap
-playing cards with us and attempting to win Dr. Mario ;)


Last night with Poppi :(

My Dad had to leave to get back to work, but thankfully my Mom got to stay a few extra days and help us out.

Last night with GiGi :(

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Blair said...

Precious time with mom and dad. And what great memories you all created. Pictures and stories sound like a fantastic couple of weeks together. So glad for you!