Monday, June 14, 2010

My Little Dishwasher

There are three things that I am really looking forward to buying once we move back to the States. The first two being a washer and dryer. The third item being a dishwasher. We have never had a dryer or dishwasher since we have been married, and only have had an automatic washer when we lived in Kenya (we currently have a manual washer and it is a LOT of work).

When GiGi was here, she taught Micah how to help wash dishes...or should I say she taught him how to play in the bubbles :) He loves it! Now every time I wash dishes he comes in the room and says, "I help wash dishes too". He is quite the helper. Ha.


jrrainer said...

When you all come in July send Micah over every day to help with my dishes, I will buy him a happy meal or something. ha! Canon isn't big enough to be my dishwasher yet.

Blair said...

What a sweetie. So thoughtful that little Micah-man.

Lauren Williams said...

what a cheeser!!!!!! so cute!