Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Generations For Peace

Recently Paul had the incredible opportunity of working a Sports Camp as a "Coach" for a local company called Generations for Peace. One of the Prince's of Jordan started this Company in order to teach people all around the world how to bring peace to their countries. Seventy-seven people ("delegates") attended the 10 day camp from 17 different countries...and if you know Paul, you know he soaked up every minute. He absolutely LOVES to learn about people from different cultures.

These 10 days were packed full with lectures in the morning concerning different topics regarding peace and then teaching sports in the afternoon. The sports time was also used to discuss conflict, team building, etc. The idea is for these 77 delegates to return to their home country and use sports and the material learned at this camp in order to help bring peace to their nation. It was truly an amazing opportunity for Paul and one he will never forget.

One afternoon my Mom, Micah, Jordan, and I went over to the camp to see what it was all about. It was volleyball day...and sand we had one happy 2 year old running around kicking (not hitting) the volleyball in the sand :)
Another Coach from England
Two girls from Lebanon
Micah's new friend from Yemen

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Blair said...

What a cool opportunity for Paul. Looking forward to hearing stories about that experience :)