Saturday, June 26, 2010

Illegal Driving

The other day a taxi driver insisted Micah sitting on his lap WHILE driving. I tried several times to say "no, thank you" as politely as possible, but like I said, he absolutely insisted and practically grabbed Micah out of my arms. Thankfully, we were not going all that fast. I honestly don't know what the laws are here because you see small children in the front seat all the time. Our taxi driver taught Micah how to shift gears and to honk the horn. I think he regretted teaching him how to honk the horn because for the next few minutes our car was beeping like crazy :) Micah was loving it...and I knew we were in trouble. Paul and I had to constantly tell him, "This is a special one time thing Micah." Now every once in awhile when we are in taxi's Micah will look at me, point to the driver and ask, "Special, one time?" To which he always gets an absolute NO :)

Such a cheese-ball :)

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