Friday, June 3, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Nana

Sadly, my Mom's Mom, "Nana", passed away recently after being sick for quite awhile. Once she got really bad, thankfully the Lord took her quickly. I absolutely adored this lady and was blessed to be her granddaughter. She was full of life and never ceased to have a good time. I know it was time for her to go, but I will cherish the many memories I've had with her over the past 26 years. She truly was a special one.

Jordan and I flew to West Virginia for the funeral and were only there about 24 hours. It was short but so so sweet and much needed closure for me. It was nice to spend time at my Aunt's and Uncle's house with my family and reminisce of our beloved Nana. 
Playing a fun and intense frisbee game called "Can-Jam"

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Blair said...

We quickly learned that Andrew was the king of Can Jam~ he made his teammates look good!