Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fun in the Sun

The little ones and I headed to Kentucky to spend some time with my family while Paul traveled overseas to the Middle East. We spent most of our days at the pool as we taught Micah how to swim and attempted to keep up with the busyness of Jordan in and around the pool. We got to see lots of family and friends too-which is always a huge bonus.

Micah and Ava (one of my best friend's from high school's daughter)
Day at the pool with sweet, old friends! Loved every minute and miss ALL these girls so much.
Time with Anna, Levi, and Judah is always so special. 
And a day at the pool with Uncle Ryan and Poppi is just so fun.
Poppi and Ryan got Micah to swim UNASSISTED all the way from the diving board to the other end of the pool. Micah is doing great, but often likes to revert to treading water rather than swimming. Ha.

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