Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sea Island, GA

At the end of June my family took a wonderful vacation to this beautiful place in Sea Island, GA:
It was perfect to be with my whole family for a week! It doesn't get much better than being at a beach and being with one another. God is good :)

Here are the most adorable twin girls EVER (aka my beautiful nieces) getting ready to board their first plane.

At the resort we stayed in, there were a lot of different activities to enjoy--too many for us to even attempt. However, we took advantage of what we could and had an incredible trip.

My little monkeys played on the playground.
We swam in the ocean. 

Played in the splash pad.
...and then got dominated by the splashing :)

Snuggled under our towels (my personal favorite).

 Spent a special Father's Day with my sweet Grandpa and Dad.

Learned all about sand...
...and is still not too sure what to think ;)

Had some intense sand volleyball matches.

Reunited with the tennis courts...
...after kicking my kids of the court.

Anxiously welcomed Daddy back to the States after a long trip to the Middle East...oh, how we missed him!

Took some naps...
 ...in some not so usual places :)

 Ate yummy and refreshing popsicles.

Had some good food...
...and had to share :)

And last, but not least, enjoyed some quality time and dinners with family (and no kids!).

 Thanks Dad and Mom for a memorable vacation. Loved being with you!!


Blair said...

Can we go back now?!

Heather said...

LOVE Sea Island!!!!