Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Desperately Overdue ;)

Our kitchen chairs were in desperate and I mean desperate need of being recovered. I've had them since the fall of 2005 when I moved into an apartment in college and they've served us well since. Our good friends even put them to good use in their kitchen while we were overseas. They actually were in great shape when we got them back last August...which goes to show you how quickly kids can completely destroy them. In the short 9 months we've been home, we've spilt juice, milk, spaghetti, ketchup, yogurt, and much much more. We often host people in our home and I'm always completely embarrassed when they pull out those seats to eat dinner with us. I often hope that they just don't even look ;) Needless to say, it was time to recover them. Within about a 2 week period I saw advertisements for "Amy Butler fabrics" in a magazine and then my sweet sister-in-law, Anna, recommended her to me as well. 

When my Mom was recently in town she saw how filthy our chairs were and highly encouraged me to get this done asap. I was thankful for her encouragement and finally got around to researching online. I found several unique patterns that I loved, that matched my house...AND were laminated! I quickly ordered the fabric and within a week the project was complete. My Grandma and Aunt helped me measure the pieces and cut them out, and then my brother-in-law, Andrew, helped me staple them on the chairs. I am beyond in love with the new look and oh so easy to clean material!

Example of ONE filthy chair 
Laminated fabric
Finished product

Check out Amy Butler-she has things for a variety of different tastes and is so creative!!


Blair said...

New chairs look so great! Glad we were the first to enjoy the cute and convenient look.

Rachel Rainer said...

Absolutely love the new cushions! They are so cute and I can just picture them in your kitchen. Great choice!!

Rachel R

Brandt and Jill Waggoner said...

Our little chairs we shared! How adorable, Kari. They are so you! Love them.