Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pains and Sprains

Unfortunately, this has not been a good year for Paul, basketball, and his ankles. He sprained his right ankle in early January playing in a basketball league...and then recently sprained his left ankle while playing basketball on his lunch break. I've been quite impressed with how well he has RICE'd (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) both of them on his own. Micah thinks it's cool to be just like his Dad, so of course, having a "sprained ankle" of his own is a cool thing too :) The other day Paul was at work and Micah came up to me and said, "Bye Mom. I'm going to play basketball with my friends." A few minutes later he came back to me with a limb and said, "Uhhh. My ankle got hurt." Too funny.

Here are my boys with their "sprained" ankles.

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Blair said...

What a sweet little kid~ thoughtful enough to be hurt too, so his dad doesn't have to lay on the couch alone. Too funny! And Andrew feels your pain, Paul! I think he has sprained his ankles a combine twenty something times. Ridiculous.