Friday, April 29, 2011

Boo for Tubes (and Tornadoes)

Phew! What a crazy last few weeks this has been. While our family was here, we found out that Jordan was going to have to get tubes put in her little ears :( Not what we wanted to hear, but she's been battling ear infections for about 7 months, so it was time. A few days after our family left, we headed to the hospital to get the tubes placed. We had to be there at 5:30am but it was the quickest surgery ever. I basically kissed Jordan goodbye, sat in the waiting room about 10 minutes, and then was called to go back to see her again. We were home by 7:45am. Jordan was a trooper and did awesome. We already had a good girl, but now we are hoping these tubes make her extra sweet and pain-free.

Before taken back for surgery...
...right after I got to see her.

Once we got home, our only instructions were to try keep cotton balls in her ears all day. I kinda laughed thinking, "Yeah, right. There is no way my stubborn girl will keep those in her ears." The nurse must have seen my grin, because she told me not to worry if she pulled them out but just to watch for drainage. Well, to my surprise, little missy kept those suckers in all day long.
Later on Micah said, "Hey Mommy. Look at me." Not wanting to be left out, he had found found my extra stash of cotton balls and tucked some in his ears :)
The night before Jordan's surgery was the scary evening when the tornadoes swept across Alabama (and other states) killing hundreds and completely destroying many others homes and possessions. It was the worst tornadoes in the history of Alabama and my heart breaks for those so affected by the storms. By God's grace we were spared and had no damage at all. The big tornado hit a few miles north of us, and several smaller tornadoes hit south of us. There is so much cleanup and rebuilding to be done and I am praying that everyone affected will see the sovereignty of God and cling to His greatness during this difficult time.

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Blair said...

Love Micah's cotton balls. He would want to get in on the action. So glad JK is feeling better. What a sweetie!