Monday, April 18, 2011

Lightning McQueen Surprise

Our friends Josh and Jessica are probably the biggest servants ever. They seriously are too sweet and we just hope one day we can repay them for all they do for us. We love them and enjoy being with them. Our kids are also obsessed with them and Micah constantly is asking, "When are Mr. Josh and Ms. Jessica coming over?" Well, they came over one Sunday afternoon and surprised Micah with another amazing birthday present...a baby pool. But, not just any baby pool...this one was a LIGHTNING MCQUEEN pool with a slide. They hit the spot for this little boy AND this Mom who is dying in this southern heat ;) Josh and Jess blew it up and immediately Micah was in. I only have a few pics from the very beginning as I went inside to clean for company arriving the next day. Sadly, I missed Josh jumping in and sliding down with Micah. They often do remind me of one another...and it scares me just a tad :) Thanks Josh and Jess!

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Blair said...

Wow! Josh and Jessica totally rocked that gift out of the park. Pool and Lightning McQueen? Done and done. Can't wait to slide down myself :)