Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Early Celebration

Since we leave tomorrow to head to Kentucky for the weekend and won't be here on Micah's actual birthday, we decided to go ahead and have an early family celebration. We finished off the cupcakes leftover from school and let him open his gifts from us. He asked us several times if these gifts were from Santa...and was rather confused as to why he was the only one opening anything. I think he liked all the attention and I'm sure will be envious when his little sister has her birthday next month ;)

Holding up the BIG 3!

On another exciting note...we had TWIN nieces born today to my brother and his wife. We are DYING to get to Kentucky to meet them! Happy Birth-day to Milly and Clarabelle :)

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Blair said...

How precious is Micah mowing the lawn? Tell him he can come to Kentucky and put that thing to use anytime he wants...