Sunday, August 8, 2010

Off to KY...

Once we left Paul's family in NC, we had a 9 hour drive to KY. In Jordan we never had to use car seats since we taxied everywhere, so I was a little worried how Micah would do in one for such a long trip. However, both kids did great the entire trip. We made it to Louisville with no problems and it was just so good to see my family and home city! :)

Yes, Micah was seriously obsessed with this Fantasy Football magazine-takes after his Daddy for sure! Kind of scary-haha.

EMILY!! So fun running into you-I've missed you!!

Yay for seeing my sister Blair! It had been over a year and it was so good to be reunited and to introduce her to JK.

Reunited with my sweet family :) Love you all so much!

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