Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jet Lagging on a Farm

The very first night we were back in town we were invited out to our friends farm. I must say, it was VERY therapeutic and just what we needed! After living overseas in a noisy environment, this might have been one of the most peaceful places we possibly could have come. We ate dinner and enjoyed a delicious cobbler (which I had missed very much!) and then headed out to see the animals. Paul, Micah and I got to ride horses, which was a nice treat! I have never ridden seriously, but will take the opportunity to casually ride any day :) After I got off, Paul must have ridden for another hour or so. He later told me that we need to buy a horse one day. Haha...we will see about that ;) I sort of agreed, but it must be a well trained one. I think Paul and I could have stayed out there forever that night, besides the fact that we were major jet lagging. Paul's poor parents were about to crash inside while waiting for Paul to finish ridding. It was just a perfect place to free our minds and to pray. Thanks Humphrey's :)

Micah and sweet Mr. Jay :)
I love how you can see the old farm house in the back of this picture.
The inside crew.

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