Sunday, August 8, 2010

Akin Madness

We were so excited to get all SIX Akin kids together for the first time at Jon and Ashley' house. Sadly, Granddaddy, Lottie and Uncle Nate weren't there to witness the madness (and it was madness)-we sure missed them! We ate dinner and then watched (well, some joined in-ha) the little ones play together. We hadn't seen Paul's brother Jon or his family in almost 2 years, so we had so much to catch up on. It was also so good to meet our niece (who is now ONE) and nephew (who is exactly a week older than Jordan) for the first time. Such fun memories were made and we can't wait for many more to be made in the future :)

Baby swap...
Girls with our kiddos (Anna: Levi and Judah, Ashley: Maddy and Emma Grace, and Kari: Micah and Jordan)
Boys turn (Tim: Levi and Judah, Jon: Maddy and Emma Grace, Paul: Micah and Jordan)
Jon meeting Jordan
Maddy and Micah
Emma Grace and Levi
Maddy teaching Micah ALL about princesses...I don't know how his Daddy feels about this :)
Such a sweet girl
Kids table!!
Tim and Judah

Trouble :)

Little boys enjoying a ride in a Barbie Jeep!?!

Too precious...the kids crowding around the computer to skype with Lottie and Uncle Nate.

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