Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Next Steps

We move back to the States in two weeks. Ahhh...so many emotions are running through our heads these days. It is bittersweet leaving, but I think we both are ready. We wouldn't trade these past two years for anything as they have strengthened our faith, marriage/family, and taught me so much about myself. Before I moved overseas, I would say I was very independent. But now, as a woman living in this land, I have felt a certain dependence on Paul like never before. Our friendship and marriage has been strengthened beyond measure and I am so thankful for the time we have had together during this stage of our life.

I have been humbled over and over again, and have been stretched completely out of my comfort zone on numerous occasions. I have been homesick, scared, fearful, and discouraged. But I've also been thankful, encouraged, and joyful. I have learned to love God's people all over the world, even when I don't want to. I'm thankful that I now know how to pray for them better. We have had our ups and downs, joys and trials. Work has been slow at times and we've had to sit and wait on the Lord. We never would have guessed that we would have lived in two different continents during our two years overseas, but God had much different plans for us. Oh the journey it has been...and to think we are about to leave it all behind.

Once we move back to the States, I know it will be easy to get in the swing of things, busyness of life, and eventually many of memories will fade away. There are certain people and memories that I know will last forever. I hope that we will continue to be fervent in our prayers for these people.

We are excited to announce that Paul just officially accepted a job in Birmingham, ALABAMA! Of course, I would have loved to live near family, but I truly feel like the Lord placed this job on Paul's heart and it will be a perfect fit for him. I am excited to see Paul serve in a different type of role and to see the Lord use him for His glory. And I must say that Alabama is much closer than Kenya and Jordan :) I have always loved Birmingham, as it reminds me a lot of my hometown, Louisville, KY. The people are friendly and it seems like it will be a great place to raise a family. Plus, there is some great shopping there (priorities, right!?! haha).

The movie "Sweet Home Alabama" came on TV the other night and Paul and I just looked at each other and smiled. We think it will take some time to get used to the thick Southern accents but we are definitely looking forward to some Southern hospitality!

We leave Jordan July 28th and will be with family and friends for about a month and a half before making our big move in mid-Sept. Please be praying for our final days here as well as our transition back to the States. SWEET HOME ALABAMA here we come :)

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Heather said...

Birmingham ROCKS :) Love that city :) Lots of fun, fun shops in downtown Homewood! It has been so cool to keep up with your journey overseas ... many blessings in the days ahead!