Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dentist Success

I must apologize. To Micah, that is. I totally underestimated him. He was PERFECT at the dentist office...he sat so still and was so cooperative. He was a little unsure of the whole thing at first, but fell in love with the dental hygienist and that made it all better. Paul asked Micah if the girls were sweet to him, and he responded, "Yeah, they were cute." Haha. His Dad agreed :)

Random story from today...Micah and I were playing this afternoon and he is OBSESSED with fighting these days. It kind of drives me nuts because I never know when to expect being hit by something. Plus, we are trying to teach him that he cannot just go up to people and hit them whenever he wants. However, I know it is normal and I do love that he is all boy. Anyway, we were playing with these mini-blocks. He stuck a few together and decided it was his sword. He then proceeded to say to me, "Come on Mom, lets fight. Bring it on." Yes, those were his exact words. I have no idea where he heard that, but I thought it was hilarious.


Blair said...

What a trooper! Micah-man looked like a pro in that dental chair. He did better than me at Dr Kuhls office. He's gonna have to tell me his trick.

Drew and Lindsay said...

I can not believe what a big boy he is. I also can not believe your time there is almost done. Time flies, I am praying for you plane ride home, all the logistics of sleep, Jordan, Micah, and bags. Love you guys.