Thursday, July 1, 2010

Casa Aalam...

...means World Cup in Arabic. Last week we went to watch the Brazil vs. Portugal "futball" game up at Sports City with our friend, Katie. There was a small fee to get in, but is was well worth it. The place was packed with people. It was a perfect family atmosphere as they had two huge screens set up to watch the game, blowup slides and a jumping castle, foosball, Wii and Play Stations. Micah had fun running around and playing with his own soccer ball and occasionally sharing it with the local children...we are still working on this whole sharing concept ;) It was a great cultural experience for sure!

The slides...
In the jumping castle.
One side of people.
Watching the big boys play a video game.
He loves his Katie :)

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Blair said...

Love your sweet family pics!