Friday, July 2, 2010

Baby Pool Fun

Today we joined our friends and headed back to the baby pool. We were supposed to do this on Tuesday, ended up having to cancel, and quickly rescheduled for Friday. On Tuesday, Micah was one sad little man BUT was so excited when we told him that we would have a pool day on Friday. He didn't quite understand what that meant, but now goes around telling everyone, "Friday, pool day" over and over and over.

This time we had our husbands join us, along with baby Nate, and another family. The kids loved the pool and being sprayed by the hose. We ate lunch together which included some hotdogs (thanks Hawkin's!)-which are hard to find in this area of the world and were so good. We had a great day enjoying friends and sunshine!

Baby Nate and Jordan snoozing away...
Hey Ben!!
Being sprayed by the hose...

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