Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Much Needed Party and Break

Today we through a surprise birthday party for one of our Arabic teachers in our language school. She was so surprised, which made it even better. We thought it would just be a little 30 minute break from school, but the party actually lasted over two hours, which meant NO more language that day. YAY! It was a nice break to say the least. It was fun to hang out with Arab and American friends and learn from each other :)

Funny story: We asked the birthday girl what she wanted for her birthday, and her answer was, "To see all the couples slow dance." WHAT!?! Are you serious? Haha. Such an odd request. This girl loves music, loves to dance (as most Arab women do), and loves talking about relationships and love. She blasts Beyonce during our breaks daily, which is quite funny. Although, the slow dances did not happen, we did have to send the boys out of the room so that the girls could have a little dance party. I wish I could post the videos I took too. Ha.

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