Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

I should have really titled this post "Baby It's Cold INSIDE". Yes, it definitely is cooling off outside for sure, but the houses in Jordan are NOT insulated well at all, therefore, it is actually colder inside than it is outside. At times it can be deceiving, as I'll put on a long sleeve shirt and fleece jacket inside, but then step outside and get hot after a few minutes! We also do not have central heat in our home, so we recently went to buy some electronic heaters, which have helped a little. It is all about layering up in the house, but unfortunately none of us packed the right clothes from the States, as we thought we would be in Kenya for the entire two years. We have had to do a little shopping lately-especially for Micah. Since he doesn't sleep under covers, the poor boy was waking up absolutely freezing. This hat was one of our recent purchases (but we ended up buying it in beige, not red), and he thinks he is sooo cool in it. I think he is pretty cute, but I know I'm just a tad bias :)

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