Friday, October 23, 2009

Surprise Goodies

Yesterday, Paul came home from a meeting with two surprise packages for us. YAY! His Mom had heard of someone heading our direction, so she secretly asked some of our close friends if they wanted to join in on the fun and send us something with this guy. At first, Paul was just so excited that he just started ripping into all the individually wrapped presents in tissue paper-thinking that everything was just from his parents. There were lots of goodies inside and it sort of felt like a mini-Christmas :) When we saw cards from our friends, we started realizing that each of them had sent something too. It took us a few minutes to sort through what each person had sent, but we think we finally figured it out. THANK YOU to everyone who went in to make this surprise so special. It was so sweet and thoughtful and truly brightened our day! We love you.

Micah was excited about his new movies too. :)

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