Sunday, October 25, 2009

18 Months+

Two weeks ago, Micah turned 18 months old. How he is already that old blows my mind. Recently, I put him in a precious outfit that we received at one of my baby showers back in Kentucky. I remember opening this particular present and thinking "This is so adorable, but I cannot even imagine my little boy fitting into this." It just looked HUGE to my eyes at that time, when I only had a 3 month old sitting next to me. My eyes now gaze past the 3-4 year old clothing section at stores, and I am of course in unbelief that Micah will sooner or later be fitting quite nicely into those clothes as well.

Anyway, I love the "preppiness" about this particular outfit, and just wanted you to see my cute little stud modeling for his Momma. Thank you Bordas' for this outfit-it was so fitting coming from you :)

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Tim and Anna said...

We can't believe how big he is! He looks like such a big boy! Tell Micah we love him and can't wait to see him!