Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lunch with Language Teachers

Last week we went out to eat with our new teacher, Saed, and his finance, Haloud, who is also a teacher at our language school. Saed has actually been our teacher for about 4 weeks now-ever since we moved up to the next Phase of language. Saed just thinks Paul is the greatest, so he let Paul pick the place to eat (I'm sure Paul was relieved!), which of course meant that we ended up eating pizza. Ha. We ate at Sbarro and I must admit that I wasn't too upset either. I love pizza as well, and it was our first time eating here in Jordan. I forgot how much I loved the pizza there-plus you can't beat the size of their slices. We had a fun meal together and Haloud was very patient with my poor Arabic. This was the first time for Saed and Haloud to meet Micah, and they loved him. Micah was not so sure about them at first, but by the end of the night he had warmed up to them and wouldn't let them go. Saed could never remember Micah's name, but we think he finally tackled it after meeting him. After dinner, we just walked around the mall for awhile and then decided to take Micah to the play area. He enjoyed sitting on all the different rides, but wasn't quite big enough to really enjoy them quite yet. It was a fun afternoon and we are hoping to hang out with them again soon. They have already invited us to a wedding this weekend, but we aren't sure if we will be able to make it as it is a far drive and starts late at night. However, we are planning to have them over to our house next weeks to play cards. They say they are really good at spades, which is my favorite, and I'm always up to playing a good card game :)

Haloud, Micah, and me.

The engaged couple (I promise they know how to smile. ha).

And the craziest begins with our little one...

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Blair said...

Glad you enjoyed the pizza! When I go months w/o it, nothing tastes better than that first delicious bite! I can't wait to hear stories of you all playing spades next week. Oh my gosh. I would love to be there to witness that! Kinda jealous though cause I haven't played in forever. Have fun for me. Love you!