Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome, Kai Elizabeth Akin

On February 16, 2012 we welcomed our precious little girl, Kai, into the world. After having lots and I mean LOTS of false contractions for a few weeks, we decided to go ahead and let me be induced a few days early. The contractions would be about 10 minutes apart for 9 hours and then just STOP. Seriously!?! Some were painful, some weren't. The worst part is that most of them started in the evening and then would keep me up alllllll night. I'm getting more sleep now with a new born then I did the last few weeks of pregnancy. Ha. This also allowed my parents to arrive beforehand and be with me during my delivery, which was such a blessing.

I was a bit worried about an induction, but let me tell ya, it was the easiest labor yet. Maybe because of all the annoying "helpful" contractions, or maybe just because it's the 3rd child and the other two did all the work ;) We arrived at the hospital at 6:30am. My doctor came and broke my water at 7:20 and then the nurse started my pitocin. After receiving my epidural around 10:45am I felt loopy so the nurse encouraged me to get some rest while I could. Right when I got comfortable, the nurse kept telling me to change positions from one side to the other about every two minutes. NOT RESTFUL! She then told me that she needed to check me because the monitor was showing some variability and head compression. Well, when she checked me she could see Kai's head...so no wonder there was "head compression" showing. Haha. We patiently waited for my doctor to arrive and at 11:34am Kai made her debut. So yes, I'll take four hours of labor anytime! 

Here is my last fully belly pic...
My "pushing" gift from my sweet Momma and Daddy. "Kai" lotion, candle, and perfume. Oh, so perfect! If you haven't tried this "Kai" scent before, you definitely should. It's one of my favs!
No better way to keep your mind off contractions then straightening your Mom's hair. Right? Ha. Once her hair was finished I opted for my epidural ;)
Epidural in and it's game time. 
She's here!!! Kai Elizabeth Akin born at 11:34am, 6lbs 8oz, and 20 1/2 inches.
Proud Poppi and GiGi.
A huge thanks to the Bordas' for watching our other two children so my parents could be there with me! Ya'll are the best.

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