Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We felt completely loved by the amount of people who came to meet Kai at the hospital and at our home within the first few days. We even were able to see some of our good friend's that live out of town, which was such a treat.

The Bordas'
Part of our Small Group...
The Bean's
The Scott's
The Pittman's live in Louisville, but were in Bham for a basketball game the weekend after Kai was born. Perfect timing!?! I think YES! 
The King's lived with us overseas in Jordan and are now in Louisiana. They were in town for a conference so it was so great catching up with them and meeting their newest son, Andrew.
Estella and her beautiful girl, Isabella, were in Bham for her husband's work for a few days. Estella and I went to college together and were in the same sorority. I hadn't seen Estella since I graduated in 2006. 
The Whitaker's (Linds and I swapped babies for the pic)

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