Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Meeting Baby Sister

We couldn't wait to get Micah and Jordan up to the hospital to meet their newest sister. Micah definitely knew what was going on, but I think Jordan was clueless as to the big change about to take place in our family. Even though we'd talked and talked about baby Kai, nothing can quite prepare their little minds for reality :) 

They were excited to meet her, but I'd say Jordan was more excited to see her Mommy. Ha. There were some really sweet moments of them together and then a bit of jealousy took place as Jordan tried to push Kai out of a few pictures. Uh oh... 

It's now been a few weeks since Kai's birth, and I have to say Kai has the two BEST big siblings she could ask for. They are loving, helpful, playful, and fun. We are doing great.

Family of FIVE. 
Opening their gifts from "Kai" :)
A new baby doll and bath tub for Jordan...
...and a Star Wars figurine and light saber for Micah. 
I couldn't pass up posting these sweet pictures.

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