Saturday, February 4, 2012

Baby Shower and...

...a much needed girls night :) This past Wednesday our other Small Group through me a wonderful baby shower. I hadn't seen these girls in awhile, and they are precious to me. I've missed them! 

The night was perfect. First we met at a restaurant in Homewood called Jackson's and enjoyed catching up. The place was packed downstairs, but thankfully we had the entire upstairs to ourselves, which made it easy to have real conversations.
Then we headed over to one of the girl's houses for gifts and desserts. They spoiled me and everything was so girly and fun. The decorations were too cute and one of my friend's made these absolutely delicious strawberry and cream cheese cupcakes. They were bite size, so I didn't feel so bad eating a few ;) I received some baby essentials and some new adorable outfits--which is always so fun!
I'm beyond thankful for these women as they all point me closer to our Lord and Savior. I left feeling so encouraged, loved, and refreshed. Thank you girls, I love each of you!

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