Friday, December 5, 2008


TGIF (aka Thank Goodness It's Friday) is an acronym that I always loved when I was growing up. School was out and the weekend was finally here-which often meant sleepovers with friends. I also always looked forward to ABC TV shows such as Step By Step, Family Matters, and Boy Meets World. Good memories for sure!

Well, that famous acronym has come to a new meaning for me this week! Things haven't quite gone our way.  See for yourself...

1. Our week began with no water coming through our apartment except in the kitchen-and it was freezing. I woke up one morning, turned on the shower and was about to get in when it suddenly just stopped. Not even a trickle of water would come out of any of our bathroom faucets. Paul had luckily already showered. The plumber came and "fixed" it the next day leaving us with a flood to clean up. Later that day we were having a horrible leak in one of our bathrooms, so the plumber returned. Yes, water did work in all rooms now but we had a new problem now-the cold water only trickled and the hot water was full force.  We took scolding hot showers for two days since we couldn't equalize the temperature. I tried not to complain-because I really am thankful we have hot water because it does not last long! Well, we the same problem happened about 4 days water again! The plumber came back and fixed it temporarily but told us we need a new water pump soon or the cycle will repeat itself. So we are thankful we have water-at least for now!

2. On Tuesday we were sitting in our apartment when all of a sudden our electricity went off. This happens rather often, so we were not that alarmed, until we heard a knock at our door. Two men from the power company were standing there and told us that they had turned it off because we had not paid our bill for the month. Paul had paid it sometime in mid-November, but they had no record of that and asked to see our receipt. We could not find it, so after a little negotiating they turned it back on. Paul had to go back to where we pay our bills and get a new receipt written-thankfully they had records that it had been paid!

3. On Wednesday, we got in a minor car wreck on the way to workout. Paul hit a matatu (public transportation) and broke their backlight and scraped both of the cars. We ended up paying the matatu driver about 3000 ksh ($36) and went on our way. If you can avoid it, we have been told it is better to not get the cops involved. Thankfully we were in the midst of a lot of traffic so we were not going very fast. 

A pic of a Matatu-they always have a yellow line around them

4. We only had two days of language school this week. Our teacher canceled on us on Monday (he had visited family and had not returned yet), came Tuesday but wasn't feeling well, and then didn't show up on Wednesday with no warning. We tried calling and calling and could not get a hold of him-which is not normal. We finally were able to reach him on Wednesday evening and found out he had been in the hospital all day and was diagnosed with malaria and typhoid. He was achy all over and had extremely high fevers. He obvious canceled school on Thursday and send his friend to teach us on Friday.

Okay, so life sounds a lot worse than it really is! It was one crazy week and we look forward to seeing what God has in store for next can't possibly be any worse, can it!?! 


Jess said...

Awww Kari!! I am sorry you have had a rough week! Praying that you have a great restful weekend and have a better week next week! Love you!

P.S At least you will have fun memories of Africa...

Ryan said...

just one of those weeks!!