Sunday, December 7, 2008


This past weekend we went to the Christmas Craft Fair at the Horse Race Track. As we pulled in, we saw many SUVs and it was easy to see that this would not be your normal African crowd. Most of the people we saw were either Brits, Indians, or Americans. It actually felt like an American event, which was a nice change.

Before entering, we realized we did not have much money with us and just figured we would get some at the ATM at the track. Ha! After we paid the fee to enter, we asked where the nearest ATM was-only to find out that is was a few miles away. We just had to laugh and say, "Oh yeah, this is Africa, not Kentucky." Being from Louisville, we are used to Churchill Downs that has millions of ATMs to make placing bets all the easier for the horse races-especially for the mobs of people at the Kentucky Derby. 

We still had a great time at the craft fair and were able to buy a few things for Micah's room. There was so much to see-it was probably better that we didn't have money with us :) I also enjoyed seeing some nicer stores that I did not know existed. It was the first time that we had been outside for several hours in a row, so we all left with a little "tan" as well. For now on, sunscreen is a must as we are so close to the equator-especially for our little one.

There were several Christmas booths around where Paul and I noticed they were selling "poppers". We joked about buying them and taking them with us to Turkey, as it is a Christmas family tradition for the Akin clan. We later eyed a man in some sort of odd-looking costume and then figured out that it was POPPER himself. We died laughing and had to get a picture-this is for you Lottie! 


Lindsey said...

How fun! Glad yall are getting out and about and enjoying the culture there :)

Tim and Anna said...

WOW! That is both one of the most hilarious and creepiest things I have ever seen! I'm glad yall got to have a little taste of Christmas. Can't wait to see you in just a couple of days!!! Love yall!!

Lauren Williams said...

okay! I LOVE THE BLOG!!!!! you are such a good writer! i am a tad bit jealous.... but i love it. your week sounds so crazy!!!!But it sounds like your doing so good. miss you!