Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An African Thanksgiving

We just wanted to post a few pictures from our Thanksgiving in our new home. We are blessed with amazing friends and teammates whom we had the privilege of spending the holiday with. We actually were able to celebrate twice, which was a lot of fun. Our entire team got together for the traditional "Thanksgiving meal" the Saturday before. It sure was great to have some home cooked American food! We were able to meet some coworkers who live further away from us and enjoyed our short time of fellowship.


After we returned from language school on the actual Thanksgiving Day, we had a few people over to celebrate again :) It was nice to be with friends and made it a little easier to be away from family. Thankfully, we were able to skype with both sets of our families (and see family members who we don't get to talk to quite as often). Below are a few pictures from the holiday.

       Micah wants to play too!

Paul enjoyed having a Wii buddy for the day :)

I'm so blessed with all these girls and don't know what I'd do without them!

Had to get a family photo for Micah's first Thanksgiving

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